Our Products

Our products are comparable to the name brands Tide®, Gain®, Downy®, and Snuggle®. Clean Cash Fundraising products are made in the USA and are shipped to you from one of the largest manufacturers in the country.


Our laundry detergents are sold in 5 gallon buckets (672 ounces) for $45.00 each with a reusable pump; that is 50% savings over retail. Each unit will do approximately 350 average size loads and up to 680 small loads. Both original and high efficiency formulas are available.


These top quality, extra strength laundry detergents are designed for all types of heavily soiled fabrics that are not harmed by water and aggressive detergents. Because it is concentrated you use less than normal powders. This versatile compound is also completely biodegradable and is recommended for use in all types of laundry equipment.


Our premium fabric softeners are formulated to keep clothes exceptionally soft, fresh, and static free. It eliminates static without affecting the rewetting capacity and also will not turn the fabric yellow. We offer 2 long lasting and fresh scents. Like our detergent, these are also packaged in 5 gallon buckets (672 ounces) with reusable pumps.

**These are not Proctor and Gamble or The Sun Products Corporation products. P&G  or The Sun Products Corporation does not do fundraising or sell their products as a fundraiser at a discounted or bulk rate.  Tide®, Gain® and Downy® are a registered trademark of the Proctor and Gamble Corporation.  Snuggle® is a is a registered trademark of The Sun Products Corporation.

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